PESHWAR -  Pakistan People’s Party provincial leader Nawabzada Aurangzeb Khan Hoti has slammed the federal government for yet another increase in prices of petroleum commodities, and termed it ‘petrol bomb’ upon poverty-stricken masses on the eve of Eidul Fitr.

The PPP leader in a statement issued here on Friday said that petrol price was once again increased to Rs112.68 per litre after a raise of Rs4.26 per litre that would further raise the prices of daily commodities and other essentials and will directly affect poor masses. He lambasted the government for its anti-masses policies, saying that every other day this government announces decisions that increase the sufferings of the people of this country.Criticising the government’s poorly planned policies, Hoti said that “the incumbent government is directionless.”

He added that prices of petrol, diesel and electricity have skyrocketed while a meteoric rise in the gas and electricity bills has crippled thousands of households. Electricity and gas are becoming unaffordable in this country, he maintained.The PPP leader said that PTI-led government had mortgaged the sovereignty of the nation with the International Monetary Fund as it had resorted to anti-people policies to borrow conditional loans. He alleged that existing incompetent rulers compromised the country's interests for nominal economic gain.