CHINIOT-Pakistan People’s Party Central Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira has urged the “Institutions” to let democracy flourish in the country as “controlled” democracy will only aggravate problems of the nation. Qamar Zaman Kaira was addressing a news conference here at dera of local PPP leader Anayat Ali Shah.

Talking to media, Mr Kaira referred to the first parliamentary speech of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto, claiming that Bilawal had offered full cooperation for betterment of the country and resolution of the public issues, to the “selected PTI government.” “But this democratic offer was misconstrued as a ploy to secure concessions for the so-called cases against Asif Zardari and other family members,” Kaira claimed.

He condemned the government for its failure to resolve the public issues and “what he called” bombarding the masses with bombs of price hike, unprecedented rise in POL prices and gas and electricity tariff. He warned the government to mend its ways or the PPP is preparing to come to streets against the government either to force it to resolve public problems or sent it packing.

He emphasised that all institutions should work within their parameters defined in constitution as experiments with democratic system would not work. The PPP stalwart said only fair and free democratic process could lead to resolve the gigantic challenges faced by Pakistan today and urged institutions to let democratic process flourish as controlled democracy failed to deliver any good for the masses.

To a question, Kaira said that the PPP has serious reservations with the apex judiciary but the way Justice Faiz Esa reference was processed is condemnable.

“Every public servant may have some discrepancies related to his expenditures and lifestyle but condemning the apex court judge on these grounds is very dangerous and not good for the country,” he argued.

PPP Parliamentary Leader in Punjab Assembly Syed Hassan Murtaza and former MNA Syed Anayat Ali Shah also spoke to media and criticised the government for its failure to deliver.


As many as, 129 persons including 95 motorcyclists were injured in various accidents occurred during three days of Eid Fitr. Rescue 1122 District officer Tahira Khan informed the newsmen that rescue staff remained alert at public places like Eid congregations venues and picnic spots of River Chenab. He informed that teh Rescue 1122 evacuated 129 persons injured in 90 road accidents. These road accidents were occurred due to rash driving; careless driving and one-wheeling on various roads across Chiniot district.