In a world driven by likes, comments, and followers, it’s all too easy to become dependant on our trusty mobile devices. They’re our reliable boredom quenchers, ready to fill those dead hours on our long morning commutes. Even queuing for coffee has become a chance to scroll. It’s a never-ending cycle of digital consumption. In a survey conducted in 2017, adults said about their mobile habits, 38% said they thought they were using their smartphone too much. Habits such as checking apps in the hour before we go to sleep or within 15 minutes of waking up may be taking their toll on our mental health.

Adults should make rules for themselves concerning their phone usage and set time periods in which they shouldn’t use their mobile phones. Break times should be scheduled to access phones or social media. While this addiction is severely dangerous, youngsters can still find ways to deal with it.


Karachi, June 2.