ISLAMABAD            -          Islamabad police on Sunday arrested 13 outlaws including five gamblers from various areas of the city and recovered cash, gambling tools, narcotics and weapons from their possession, a police spokesman said.

According to the details, SP (City) Omer Khan constituted a police team under the supervision of DSP Iqbal Khan which raided at a gambling den.

This team raided there and nabbed five gamblers and recovered stake money and gambling tools from their possession. While police team also arrested accused Mufsar Ali and recovered one 30-bore pistol along with ammunition from him.

Meanwhile, Kohsar police apprehended a drug-pusher Saneel Mushtaq and recovered 220 gram hashish from him. Golra police arrested a drug-peddler Haq Nawaz and recovered 1750 gram opium from him.

Tarnol police arrested three accused Larsab, Sher Khan and Abdul Qayyum and recovered 1110 gram hashish, 250 gram heroine and one 30-bore pistol and one 12-bore gun along with ammunition from their possession.

Industrial Area police arrested Muhammad Idrees and recovered 150 gram heroine from him. Nilore police arrested Aamir Hafeez and recovered one 12-bore gun from him.

Separate cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway.