LAHORE       -     Crackdown against criminals and anti social elements in all districts of the province continued, following the directions of Inspector General of Police Punjab Shoaib Dastgir. According to a police handout, Attock police under the supervision of district police officer Syed Khalid Hamdani achieved landmark success by undertaking search operations during last month in the whole district which resulted in arrest of 446 criminals including 50 proclaimed offenders. These criminals were involved in 377 cases of murder, attempt to murder, theft, dacoity and kidnapping for ransom. The police recovered huge amount of automated weapons and drugs including 3 klashinkoves, 18 rifles, 18 guns, 45 pistols, 01 carbine and 224 bullets of different bores from the arrested and cases have been registered against them. While undertaking a strict lockdown across the district Attock Police recovered   81 kg of hashish, 2 kg heroin 173 litre alcohol and 1.6 kg opium from the arrested.  Likewise in a crackdown against gamblers 10 cases were registered whereas, record of 800 suspected persons was checked in different areas during search operation. 600 rental houses, security arrangements of 700 sensitive educational institutions, 500 hotels, 15 bus terminals were checked, whereas 800 sensitive and important public places were also checked.