ISLAMABAD - A total of 8,049 violations of Stan­dard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been reported to the Nation­al Command and Operation Cen­tre (NCOC) from across the coun­try during last 24 hours.

To ensure public safety, compli­ance of health guidelines for con­tainment of COVID-19, dedicated teams of provinces including AJK, GB and ICT ensured that those not adhering to health instructions/ guidelines are sensitised as SOPs compliance not only ensures in­dividual’s safety but also protects family, community and public at large thus contributing to overall healthy environment for society.

During the last 24 hours, Ba­lochistan reported 705 violations due to which 629 shops, 3 indus­tries and 15 transport/vehicles were temporarily closed/ fined and cautioned. In Punjab, special teams were constituted for check­ing markets, bazaars / trans­port and industrial areas. Around 965 shops, 2 industries, 715 pub­lic-service vehicles were closed / fined/ cautioned all across the province on 4641 SOP violations.

In Sindh, 81 shops were closed, fined and cautioned due in 826 SOPs violations all across the province. In KP, 398 SOPs viola­tions were observed over which 186 shops, and 106 public-service vehicles were cautioned, fined and sealed. In Gilgit-Baltistan, 96 shops and 56 public service vehi­cles were fined and sealed on 267 violations of health guidelines/ instructions. In ICT, 44 SOPs vio­lations were marked in the fed­eral capital, and 29 shops, 2 indus­tries and 13 vehicles were fined/ sealed. In AJK, 972 SOPs violations were observed during which 168 shops / and 202 vehicles were fined/ sealed, according to the of­ficials.