It was a highly plausible effort from the government to award cash prizes to those students who worked indefatigably to seek top positions and high grades in their board exams, primarily in their Matriculation and Intermediate examinations. This privilege, however, was only accessible to those students who met this criteria within the prescribed set of time.

Hard-working students who burnt their midnight oil for a brighter future for themselves and their country were not bestowed with such a prize after 2018. There are many students in Sindh who have qualified for the prize under the said criteria but are left without reward. Most among these eligible students are those who do not usually hail from privilege. Therefore, financial support is extremely important for them to further their education.

Such an award should once again be circulated so that the future of these students is not compromised. For education, especially to those who actively seek it, should be readily accessible at all times.