PESHAWAR           -      Chairman Amun Taraqqi Par­ty, Muhammad Faiq Shah, has ex­pressed concern over the artifi­cial fuel shortage in various cities of the country and claimed that hoarders have stopped selling pet­rol on the pretext of low supply and scarcity of petrol with in an attempt to earn additional money when price will again go up next month.

Addressing a meeting of review committees at the party’s central secretariat here on Sunday, Faiq Shah said that petrol is not availa­ble to people even waiting in long queues at petrol pumps in major cities of the country.

On the other hand, he said flour prices had abruptly increased, which is tantamount to snatching morsel from the mouth of poor masses. He said the government’s writ is not visible anywhere in the country.

Faiq Shah noticed that the coro­navirus cases have surged due to the lack of a joint strategy, where­as prices of flour, sugar and oth­er essential food items have risen sharply in the country.

The ATP chief expressed anguish over the government’s alleged fail­ure to ensure provision of person­al protection equipments (PPEs) for doctors and paramedical staff, who are playing a role as frontline soldiers amid the Covid-19 crisis.

He said that the government is dropping a bomb of price-hike on the inflation-hit masses and asked the federal and provincial gov­ernments to protect the masses against the price especially amid the corona crisis