The issue concerning fake domiciles was a trending topic on social media, particularly twitter. The people of the province of Sindh raised their voices against the illegal issuance of domiciles to Sindh’s temporary residents. The provision of fake domiciles is an issue of rising concern. It is a sorry state of affairs that such dogmatism exists, infringing on the rights of the native people of Sindh. There are many examples of those who have two domiciles, one in their own province and the other another in Sindh. Under the quota system, seats and jobs are supposedly equally distributed according to the rule of law. Therefore, if someone attains an illegal domicile in another province, it presents an open breach of that law.

These illegal domiciles not only jeopardise jobs, but rule out certified seats within universities, foreign scholarships and accrue other losses to the natives of the province. There is no denying the fact that equality in opportunity and life is the right of every citizen within the country. If the people of Sindh cannot own domiciles within other provinces, then it breaches this right to equality when natives from other provinces are afforded the very same privilege. Moreover, the constitution does not allow one to maintain ownership of two domiciles simultaneously. Strict action should be taken against the defaulters by the government before the situation spirals out of control.