KARACHI - Member National Assembly (MNA) of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Nusrat Wahid on Sunday said the federal budget would meet the expectations of the people.

In a statement, she said that as per the special instructions of the Prime Minister maximum support/ relief would be provided to the nation.

Nusrat Wahid said the coronavirus impacted negatively on economy. Agricultural and Industrial sectors would be focused as well as the farmers/peasants would get maximum relief.

She said that imports would be reduced and exports would be enhanced. The industrial sector would be revived and the government was determined to gear up the industrial sector.

The MNA said due to coronavirus many people had lost their jobs and the government was doing its best to overcome the issue and to revive the sick industries of the country enabling the young generation to avail jobs and reduce unemployment.

Nusrat Wahid said that smuggling was a cancer for the economy so strong effective legislation had been made to eliminate smuggling. The Federal Board of Revenue and Customs had to play their due role.

She said that all efforts would be made to improve the economy and all un-necessary expenditures would be cut down enabling the middle class to avail the desired relief. She hoped that the PTI government would meet the desired economic targets.