KARACHI - Senior PTI activist and leader of the opposition in Sindh Assembly, Firdaus Shamim Naqvi here on Sunday sought urgent attention of Prime Minister Imran Khan and other concerned quarters towards unwarranted delay in finalization and consequent execution of K-4 Water Supply Project (meant for Karachi).

Addressing a press conference, he said lack of political decision would be on part of the provincial government, demanded that the Karachi Bulk Water Supply Project was immediately undertaken, in too, by the Federal Government so as to avert any severe situation in near future. Mentioning that the megapolis is presently faced with a deficit of no less than 350 million gallon of water per day, he feared that the situation if allowed to persist may lead to water riots.

Naqvi alleged that those running the affairs in the province and its capital were least interested to help solve or address even the critical issues being faced by the inhabitants of Karachi.

He held the People’s Party government in Sindh responsible for delay in completion of the K-IV project adding that the PPP didn’t show seriousness over the water crisis in Karachi. Extensively discussing the hindrances, that were said to be repeatedly created by the ruling party in timely and regular approval of the K-4 project and its different aspects along with its urgently needed implementation, he said this reflected mischievous intentions.

Naqvi regretted that attention was also not being paid towards the future water needs for the port city increasing at an annual population growth rate of 3.5% to 3.7%.

“As per given estimates the population of Karachi would increase two fold in next 10 years and there exists no plan as how to meet the future water requirements,” he said.

Citing the current situation itself to be extremely alarming, he said K-4 finally approved in 2014 was to be jointly funded (50% each) by the provincial and federal governments, however, evolving scenario revealed reluctance that too on flimsy grounds by the former. Reiterating that shortage of an essential requirement of the masses could trigger serious consequences, he said as per international standards 50 gallon water was a daily requirement of a person and this brought the need of city’s population to 600 million gallons daily (MGD).

“The megapolis also needs water for its industries and other essential infrastructure and according to well researched estimates the daily water needs of it comes to no less than 1000 MGD while the current availability stands at 650 MGD,” elaborated the PTI leader.

MPA Firdaus Shamim Naqvi, a civil engineer by qualification in a passionate appeal to the Prime Minister said the people of Karachi had not only elected him as their representative in the National Assembly but also voted to power his party (PTI) with a considerable majority. “They therefore very rightly expect you to help address their problems,” said Naqvi addressing the PM.

Another known PTI leader from Karachi, Hunaid Lakhani on the occasion discussed in detail the plight of Karachiites due to non availability of piped water, as only 40% of citizens were currently being supplied water via regular water connections.

This, he said had turned them dependent upon hydrants and water tanker mafia who consequently were exploiting people under one or the other pretext with little intervention registered on part of concerned authorities. Another speaker Javed Mulla highlighted the sudden shortage of wheat flour in Karachi causing rise in its cost by Rs. 10 to Rs.15 in a month’s time.

54 more coronavirus

positive cases reported

The district health authorities have diagnosed 54 more cornavirus positive cases taking Hyderabad’s tally to 1144 including 527 active cases. According to the figures issued by the health authorities here on Sunday, as many as 527 infected people were in isolation including 482 people who were isolated at their homes.

Some 14 positive cases were admitted in Combined Military Hospital, 15 in Liaquat University Hospital, 02 in Isra Hospital, 03 in Government Kohsar Hospital, 04 in Agha Khan University Hospital Karachi, three in SIUT, one each in NICH and Ziauddin and two cases in OICD at Karachi. As many as 588 people have recovered in the district from the virus.