LAHORE        -      The representatives of All Pakistan Regional and District Cricket Associations have demanded the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to send the cases of corrupt elements to NAB and FIA. Addressing a press conference at National Press Club, Islamabad on Sunday, former PCB Governing Board member Amir Nawab, Masood Anwar and others said this and urged the PCB to take stern actions against those, who destroyed Pakistan cricket and cricketers and urged the PCB to send their cases to NAB and FIA, so that no such official may think again about playing with the future of Pakistan cricket. Terming the PCB’s decision of taking the corrupt elements to task, the representatives said such officials just prefer their vested interests to the national cause and play with not only future of Pakistan cricket but also keep on occupying government lands to mint money. “We request the PCB to take drastic steps for the restoration of club cricket and hold fresh and fair elections of associations and regions, which may be run professionally by the elected officials,” they added.