KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and Bailtul Mal Sindh President Hunaid Lakhani has said that tanker mafia is earning more than drug mafia and the PPP is patronizing this mafia.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, he said that he had visited every area of Sindh to expose the corruption of the PPP government.

Hunaid Lakhani said tanker mafia was selling sweet water that was mixed with saline water. People were purchasing this water at the rate of Rs6000 per tanker.

He said people belonging to the PPP were running the tanker mafia and they were earning more than drug mafia. He said street crime was on the rise due to joblessness.

Lakhani said the Sindh Government had done nothing for health, education and water sectors. He said now people of Karachi would have to resolve their own issues.

He said Sindh government was stiffling the voice of opposition. He said KWSB was not running in losses. He said for last 12 years new water lines were not laid in the megacity.

The PTI leader alleged Sindh police of giving shelter to theives and dacoits. He said media had played a responsible role. He further said bureaucracy was becoming richer and common man poorer. He said people were facing mental problems due to joblessness and street crime was rising.