From the existence of mankind to the present times, the earth has witnessed evolving ways of warfare. With tribal wars not ended, religious wars emerged, which did not lose their impetus till the start of industrial revolution. With the passage of time and with scientific developments, the importance of person to person combats faded out. The twentieth century witnessed two world wars, where guns, tanks, cannons, warplanes and ships were employed to kill countless people. The end of the second world war came with the catastrophic nuclear weapons’ use on Japan that resulted in an unprecedented devastation.

The conclusion of the second world war entailed a new form of war was introduced, namely the cold war, which had its direct or indirect impact on every of the country.

The 21st Century, the era of innovation and information technology has changed the course of traditional warfare. For the past few years, hybrid war has been mentioned very prominently. A strange and profane picture is presented in today’s battlefield, with no weapons in the battlefield and no need for a soldier. The Corona Virus (Covd.19), a battlefield that is raging day by day. The disease soon grappled the whole world into its clutches and became a pandemic. Number of people living in this world lost their lives in the face of the deadly corona virus. The pandemic began with the Chinese wind blowing its color in the United States, the United Kingdom, and almost all the major countries around the world. And some people term it the initiation of the biological warfare.

There are different ideas about origin of this biological war, but no concrete evidence has yet emerged. China considered rival United States for its origin, whereas the United States deemed China as its inventor and named this corona virus as the Chinese virus. Due to the outbreak of this pandemic, blame game on each other is on the rise and millions of people are suffering from this pandemic as days pass by.

Earlier wars were fought mostly on taking over the geographical space of the rival, but now as the times have changed the war rationale has changed its course towards ideological, intellectual dimensions, and such wars are commonly believed to be an outcome of the clash of civilizations.

The wars of the present times and those in the near future will neither be of religious nor for occupation of geographical boundaries, but it will be on economic and ideological fronts and those who are weak in these areas are to be conquered by the rivals who show more strength in their economies and ideologies.

It should be the foremost priority of leaders to understand the importance of humanity, because in these war games innocent people have to suffer more than other the war-mongers. If the humans in power continue to fail in the quest of peace than the whole lot of humankind are destined to self-destruction. People wait for peace to prevail, the only war they are willing to fight is the war that ends all wars.


The writer is a Physiotherapist and a blogger