KARACHI - An alleged robber was killed by the angry mob at Lyari on Saturday. The suspect was injured when he tried to escape during an encounter with the police, but he was caught by the area people, who brutally thrashed him to death within the jurisdiction of Kalri police station. As per detail, two unknown armed men on a motorbike were robbing the pedestrians at gunpoint at Hungora Para, Mosa Line. A police mobile, which was on routine patrol, reached the scene at which the armed robbers opened fire on the police mobile and tried to escape under the cover of firing. Police also retaliated. During the exchange of fire, two pedestrians including a woman sustained bullet injuries, although one of the culprits also sustained bullet wound in his leg. Meanwhile, the people of the area flocked to the scene and managed to catch the injured culprit, who was trying to escape. Instead of handing him over to the police, they took him away into a narrow street where they brutally tortured him. Some of the angry people reportedly used sticks, iron rod, and other such objects during the torture. The area people told the media representatives that some of the angry people were trying to burn him alive, while the heavy contingent of police including officials reached the scene and tried to rescue the culprit from the possession of the angry crowd, but he died on the arrival of police. The police official further told that the deceased allegedly a robber, had already received bullet injuries and was also brutally beaten by the angry mob therefore, he died on way to hospital. Police claimed to have recovered one TT pistol from his possession although his accomplice fled with the motorcycle. The officer said that the case had been registered.