PPP's chief lord, Asif Ali Zardari, invariably chairs high-level meetings himself in the company of his cronies. Not only does he degrade his Prime Minister, he also flouts constitutional norms by intervening in day-to-day matters with no other purpose but to show he is the boss. Mr. Zardari's PPP does business on photo sessions, false propaganda, lies and deceptions. ANP, MQM and JUI are their hostages rather than allies. Mr. Zardari works by playing them off through a kind of divide-and-rule. The abettor number one of this clique is Pakistan's pliant judiciary, which mercilessly victimizes the challengers of PPP. An equally pliant election commission, a clutch of manipulating businessmen, stock and real estate swindlers and commodity brokers are the other partners of this mafia. -ZAINAB ALI, Sahiwal, via e-mail, February 20.