ISLAMABAD - Despite the claims by the government to check violence against women, the country has no specific law to give exemplary punishment to acid throwers, which is one of the most alarming and horrific forms of violence especially against women. According to Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) which provides services to meet the medical, surgical, psychological, legal, and rehabilitation needs of the acid attacked people nearly 149 people have been registered affected by this crime only in the Seraiki belt since 2007 till date and majority of them are women. Despite increased public awareness and efforts of government and NGOs to tackle the problem, the acid attacks in the country have been occurring. And there has been no qualitative or quantitative research by any organisation to find out actual numbers of the cases. The perpetrators are merely punished for one or two years and the amount of fine is also very meager according to the existing laws. But a very small number of cases are reported and treated, as most of the victims are not in a position to report these cases to the authorities or other organizations. According to a recent five-year report on 'Performance of Women Parliamentarians in the 12th National Assembly' by Aurat Foundation, out of total 38 laws that were made during five years only two were related to women's concerns. But some legal experts also believed that there was no need for duplication in laws as there are provisions in Pakistan Penal Code under which acid attack cases can be registered and the perpetrators can be punished according to the damage done to the victim. The need is only to implement the existing laws, as new laws would make no difference.