Pakistan government should cooperate in the Mumbai attacks case and those behind it should be punished, former President Pervez Musharraf has said even as he criticised India for "creating war hysteria" over the issue. "It was most unfortunate. It was a terrorist act. Terrorists have no nationality," Musharraf said at the India Today conclave when asked for his comment on the Mumbai attacks which was different from earlier terror acts. "Pakistan government should cooperate because a terrorist act has taken place and anyone who has done it should be punished," the former military ruler said. He, however, said he could not say whether the attack had originated from Pakistan as he was "not privy" to details furnished by India. At the same time, he was critical of India for saying on the very next day of the attack that it had originated from Pakistan. "Shall we say the same about Lahore (attack)? People here should give considered statements," Musharraf said. Accusing India of creating "war hysteria" amid suggestions for surgical strikes after the attacks, he said with a warning tone "These are serious situations. Pakistan also has armed forces."