ISLAMABAD - The value of production has increased from Rs 1.10 billion to Rs 2.93 billion in the last five years, depicting an upward trend of 165 per cent, Census of Manufacturing Industries (CMI) reported on Saturday. Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) has conducted the census of Large-Scale Manufacturing Industries (LSMI) in collaboration with provincial directorates of Industries and bureaus of statistics (BOS) under the Industrial Statistics Act 1942. According to the census, numbers of establishments covered in CMI 2005-06 were 41.7 per cent higher than the 2000-01 as the total frame of the census were 13146 establishments. Out of these 6417 establishments supplied requisite data (compared to 4528 units in CMI 2000-01). Around 2364 establishments were found closed and 3213 establishments gave no response. CMI 2005-06 shows that the value of production at Rs 2.93 billion depicting an increase of 165 per cent over Rs 1.10 billion in CMI 2000-01. The break-up showed that the value of production in Punjab is Rs 1.41 billion, Sindh Rs 1.20, Sindh Rs 164.31 million, NWFP Rs 136.58 million and Rs 22.32 million in Islamabad during 2005-06. The value of production (inclusive of sales tax) comes to Rs 1.20 billion in 2005-06 as compared to Rs 366 million in 2000-01 registering an increase of 229 per cent. The report further revealed LSMI's Contribution to GDP at producers' prices has been estimated at Rs 912.15 million as compared to the previous census of 2000-01. Similarly, CMI 2005-06 figures show contribution to GDP at basic prices at Rs 843.76 million as compared to CMI 2000-01 figures at Rs 263.54 million. Capital stock or value of fixed assets amounted to Rs. 1.147 billion at the end of fiscal year 2005-06 as compared to Rs. 428 million at the end of fiscal year 2000-01 showing an increase of 168 per cent. The CMI is conducted after every five years using the frame of provincial labour departments. CMI 2005-06 frame was enhanced using industrial directories provided by the provincial directorates of industries as well as results of Economic Census 2001 conducted by the Federal Bureau of Statistics. CMI report emphasizes on scope, coverage, concepts and methods of the census and explains its variables. The report contains detailed census results for Pakistan, its four provinces and Federal Capital Territory on value of input and output, gross value added capital stock (fixed assets), employment and employment cost, etc. The results of CMI would be cornerstone for the forthcoming revision of Pakistan's National Accounts.