FAISALABAD - PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has rejected the politics of betrayal, saying the country cannot afford any kind of conspiracies anymore. "The masses have announced their decision against the fake judges, fake courts and every thing fake in the government. Therefore, the masses should join the long march to shape up their destiny. We will not let these fake courts and parliament run anymore," he said. Nawaz said he was ready for reconciliation with the government "but the reconciliation will not be at the cost of public interests and the patch-up is not possible with the vested interests." He was addressing a mammoth public rally on Saturday at historical Iqbal Park. PML-N leaders: Ch Sher Ali, Farooq Ahmad Khan, Abid Sher Ali, Rana Sana Ullah Khan, Haji Fazl Kareem and others were also present on the occasion. Strict security arrangements were made by the district administration. Nawaz said the courts and parliament in Islamabad were fake and the real court and parliament were here in Faisalabad, referring to the swarms of people gathered to listen to his speech. He called upon the masses to come out of their houses and make the long march successful for the future of the country. "We are on the roads to defeat the politics of betrayal and conspiracies. We will finish it," he vowed. The PML-N Quaid said he was happy to see that masses came out for their rights. "I am here not for myself but I am holding public meetings in Punjab, Sindh, NWFP, Balochistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir for the sake of Pakistan." He said Pakistan had suffered for the past 60 years but now the suffering should come to an end. He said he and Benazir Bhutto had signed Charter of Democracy for bringing real democracy in the country. He said Pervez Musharraf always wanted to cut a deal with him but "I rejected all his offers because Musharraf had violated law and constitution". He said he could not make any deal at the expense of the country. He said Benazir Bhutto promised to raise the flag of Pakistan on the house of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry but Zardari despite all the promises did not restore the deposed judges. He said the Supreme Court disqualified him and his brother Shahbaz Sharif at the behest of Zardari who imposed Governor's Rule in Punjab. "But everyone knows who is the real governor of Punjab," he said. He said Zardari betrayed them and was playing with democracy. "Zardari has made mockery of the judiciary. He is a usurper of public mandate and has accumulated the powers of prime minister. He has indulged in horse-trading and is buying political loyalties," Nawaz alleged. He said if Zardari restored the judges he would not demand anything for the next four years. He said the PML-N workers had not torched the place of Benazir Bhutto's memorial. He said, "I am ready to lead a rally of PPP workers demanding from the government to disclose the list of the murderers of Benazir Bhutto and register a case of her killing and arrest the people who hosed away the evidence from the place of her assassination." He questioned why the government had not so far taken any action on the assassination of Ms Bhutto.