ISLAMABAD - Stressing the need for reconciliation to resolve the political crisis ensued after the Supreme Court's verdict of Sharif brothers' disqualification and subsequently Governor Rule in Punjab, Senators in the Upper House on Saturday said that the country could not afford confrontation, as it does not auger well for political stability and democratic system in the country. PPP Senator Enver Baig held judiciary responsible for the political crisis in the country, saying the court announced verdict in favour of dictators four times in the name of doctrine of necessity. "Today there is a dire need for national reconciliation in the country and ouster of Sharif brothers' from political arena in totally unfair", he said adding, "The judiciary has created new political crisis in the country by announcing verdict against Sharif brothers". He further said that the imposition of Governor Rule in Punjab was unjustified. He also tabled a move in the Senate demanding of the government to revoke the article under which Sharif brothers had been declared disqualified. Senator Enver Baig also appealed to the world Islamic leaders to fight against terrorism jointly from platform of Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC). "The world Islamic leaders should also devise result-oriented policy with regard to Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine", he added. He appealed to the political leadership of the entire divide to fight the battle within parliament instead on the roads. He asked the USA to immediately halt the drone attacks because they were not benefiting the war on terror. Senator Nisar Memon termed the Governor Rule as totally unconstitutional. He said that time is critical and if the politicians do not consider it seriously Pakistan would be in great danger. He suggested that terrorism being the major issue confronting the country should be dealt effectively. He urged the political leadership to end the trust deficit, take decisions in the interest of Pakistan and avoid confrontation. Nisar Memon called for wiping out corruption from all the institutions including the judiciary. Senator Gulshan Saeed asked the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to voluntarily quit as the controversy has already cost the nation a lot. Gulshan Saeed also called upon Sharif brothers to show restraint in their protest and resolve issues within the Parliament. She said that sit-in would not serve the interests of Pakistan and could provide opportunities to the terrorists to carry out their nefarious designs. She said both Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif should avoid the confrontation at this time adding the government and political leadership of the parties should speed up their efforts to normalise the political temperature. Expressing his displeasure over Senate performance, Allama Abbas Kumeli, MQM's retiring Senator said that the House lacked lustre. "It is costing the exchequer without delivering the desired results", he said. He also expressed his disappointment over the fact that nothing had been done regarding the recent terrorist attacks in Dera Ismail Khan, where the administration had been paralysed. He also alleged that the police of NWFP was openly recruiting members of the banned outfits in its ranks. Senator Anwar Bhindar of PML-Q suggested that parliamentarians should be given training as only the trained Senators could legislate effectively. He said that it should be ensured that parliamentarians abide by the rules. Senator Liaqat Bungalzai urged the government to take concrete steps for the recovery of the missing persons. "Sharia should be implemented across Pakistan", he said. He also advised the government to carry out dialogue with rest of the Taliban in Fata too for peace ion the region. The Senate session was chaired by Deputy Chairman Senate Jan Muhammad Jamali and adjourned till Monday.