KARACHI - No state can be termed as welfare state unless and until the women are given sanctity and security from socio-economic point of view as they play a very important and vital role for the regeneration of the upcoming generations. Fatima Bhutto, Provincial Minister for Women Development Sindh expressed these notions while speaking to the seminar at University of Karachi for celebration of International Women's day on March 7. She told that government was trying to repeal all the discriminatory laws made against women in different eras of history. Even in 21st century, women face complexities and problems while performing their duties, actually they are the academy of knowledge and source of devoted love for their children. During last 68 years, women of our country have struggled a lot for their rights. Women should continue their struggle for their rights, said Tauqeer . The working women should be encouraged and supported for their positive and constructive role in the development of society," she added. Rauf Siddiqui, Provincial Minister for Industry, said that men and women should realise their place in society. They should respect each other and give room for development to each other. Islam has always encouraged the education for women. We, as a Muslim society, should realise this and provide equal opportunities to both the genders for their own and the betterment of society. He further added that this day should not be celebrated as a memorial of women's struggle, but should also serve to plan for women empowerment. The Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi, Professor. Dr. Qasim Raza Siddiqui praised the centre for organising the seminar and appreciated the work of self employed women. If we look around in the society, we will find so many examples of women and their role, which would be sufficient to explain the woman as a whole, he said. He further elaborated that women were the individuals who neglected themselves in order to provide comfort to their families. They are respectable in every way of life. Self-rejection, dignity and tolerance is only associated to this gender. He deplored that it was ironic that society had not accepted that reality. The positive and constructive role of women in society should be appreciated. "The WDS has given Rs. 0.5 million to the centre that has been utilised to enhance the capacity of the centre. We hope that this will continue in future as well," he added. The Centre of Excellence for Women's Studies, University of Karachi also organised a seminar on international women day. The theme of the Seminar was "Self Employed Women and their Families." In the Seminar, teachers and students from University and Colleges, eminent personalities of the city, Town Nazims, women councillors, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organisations participated. Sheikh Mohammad Afzaal the Honourable Minister, Govt of Sindh said that women participation from all spheres of life should be encouraged. Director women's studies centre, Professor. Dr. Nasreen Aslam Shah suggested in her article about self employed women, that a national policy should be formulated according to ILO recommended laws. Self-Employed women should be registered and recognised as skilled women. She also announced establishment of Self Employed Women Cell at the Centre. The speakers heavily criticized the role of middleman. It is in the context that most of the workingwomen stay at home while these middlemen carry out the dealing on their behalf. They actually exploit the workingwomen and pay them less than they deserve for. An organization should be developed to protect these workingwomen from any kind of exploitation.