MEDIA persons are understandably enraged over the remarks of Governor Punjab Salman Taseer on Thursday terming them as 'rainy season frogs' as he referred to TV anchorpersons. How much it upset the journalists could be gauged from the fact that they staged a walkout from the National Assembly in protest. The apology that should have come from the Governor himself was tendered by Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman. It is not the first time that Mr Taseer has vented his anger at the journalist community. Ever since his assumption of office he has been saying at various occasions that curbs needed to be enforced on the media, alleging that it was playing a negative role. The fact is that the media has only been attending to its job with transparency. Its coverage of the lawyers' movement and struggle for a free judiciary without taking sides has been widely appreciated. The country has moved on from the days of a single official channel that would broadcast the government's version of events. With a host of private channels operating and enjoying freedom of expression, its questionable actions that are by no means small in number cannot be kept hidden from the public. The media stood up against the harsh and arbitrary rule of General Musharraf and despite pressure tactics did not stop from performing its duties. A most striking example was the lawyers movement for the rule of law. Thinking of gagging the media now that it has gained freedom after a hard-fought struggle amounts to living in a fool's paradise.