It is disturbing to know that more that 3,000 bullet-proof vests worth around two million USD that were donated by the US government for the NWFP police are rotting in a warehouse in Islamabad airport, being held up due to red tape. Over 500 policemen from NWFP have lost their lives in the war against terror. This province is, with out doubt, the worst-affected region in Pakistan. Due to the callous bureaucratic attitudes of the babus in government, these much needed protective jackets are stuck in a warehouse for over 2 months. One fails to understand the dynamics of this delay as this equipment could actually save lives, may be hundreds them, because our policemen are still the frontline barrier against the anticipated suicide bombers of the future. I urge the authorities to take immediate notice and ensure speedy distribution of this equipment to police. The N.O.Cs and clearance certificates can meander through later through hoops of procedure at a snails pace. -AMMAR ZAFARULLAH, Islamabad, March 4.