RANA LATIF/ JAWAD R AWAN/ JAM SAJJAD HUSSAIN/KHALID MALIK LAHORE Speakers at a special ceremony held in memory of late Hameed Nizami at Alhamra on Sunday were of the opinion that an independent, Islamic, democratic and welfare state was the cherished goal of the people of Pakistan and this objective was supreme in the eyes of the founders of Pakistan which needed to be emulated by us. Any deviation from this path and the Pakistan ideology would leave the country in chaos. However, to achieve these objectives, we have to break the shackles of the US domination and replace the colonial system of education with a uniform education system of our own. Also it is imperative to uphold democracy, spirit of jihad and nuclear capability to maintain political and economic freedom for the well-being of the people, they observed. The speakers paid glowing tributes to Hameed Nizami for championing the cause of democracy and Islam, which is being more vigorously pursued by his brother and current Editor-in-Chief The Nation and Editor Nawa-i-Waqt Majid Nizami. Col (r) Amjad Hussain, an old associate of Hameed Nizami, presided over the meeting while ex-Amir Jamaat-i-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmad was the chief guest. Lt-Gen (r) Hameed Gul, PTI Chairman Imran Khan, PML-N leader Syed Ghaus Ali Shah and former finance minister Sartaj Aziz addressed the gathering. Majid Nizami, Majida Wayne, Justice (r) Sardar Mohammad Chaudhry and Pir of Sharaqpur Sharif were also present on the occasion. Renowned columnist Dr Ajmal Niazi acted as stage secretary. Eminent Naat Khawans recited naats during the ceremony while the hall was packed to capacity with motivated audience. Qazi Hussain Ahmad said the worst democracy was better than the good dictatorship and this slogan was carried on the title of Nawa-i-Waqt edited by Hameed Nizami and now by Majid Nizami. This means to propound that the government should function according to the wishes of the people and that wishes were to make Quran and Sunnah supreme and ensure its enforcement in the country. A worst democracy cannot easily ignore the sentiments of the people, he added. He said 31 eminent religious leaders of all sects formulated a 22 points recommendations based on Objective Resolution in the initial period of the country to frame the constitution but the intentions of rulers were not true. Had there been enforcement of Nizam-e-Mustafa in accordance with the wishes of the people, there could have been no break-up of Pakistan. He said a democratic welfare state fulfils the need of the people but this never happened in Pakistan. He cited examples of some European countries where even the unemployed were even better off than our people with the government endowment. Our country is richer in resources and the people are hard working but they are deprived of the resources through unjust distribution of wealth as well as rampant corruption, Qazi said. He said the US has occupied our land. Our forces are fighting against our own people at the behest of the US. He said setting on fire the house of JI Bajaur leader and MNA Haroon-ur-Rashid and killing his mother and son are such steps, which have hurt the feelings of tribal people, and which could not be softened. Qazi Hussain paid tributes to Majid Nizami, saying that after death of Hameed Nizami, Majid Nizami upheld the cause of Kashmir, Pakistans defence, Islamic ideology and democracy, which are described as his great contributions. Col (r) Amjad Hussain, in his introductory address, narrated the history of his meeting with Hameed Nizami. He said Hameed Nizami was the only youth, who had come up to the expectations of Allama Iqbal and the Quaid-i-Azam, who never compromised on the notions of self-respect, and earned name despite deprivation. He met him in 1934 for the first time when he had come to seek admission to Islamia College after securing top position in Matric examination. We both secured it. That was the period when the Quaid and Maulana Zafar Ali Khan were the only hope. We met Allama Iqbal who advised us to meet Quaid-i-Azam and to follow him. We wanted to invite the Quaid at Islamia College to address students who advised us to take permission from the principal, who refused and we both were expelled for two weeks. Later we were invited to ML meeting at Lukhnow on the advice of the Quaid. Col Amjad said Nizami died on Feb 25, 1962. Majid Nizami was called back from abroad. He reiterated his solemn pledge to continue policies of his illustrious brother by placing copy of the Nawa-i-Waqt on the coffin of Hameed Nizami. He did it. Almighty Allah has bestowed on him a mission and he is the only person who has upheld the banner of Ideology of Pakistan. He said no other politician could match Allama Iqbal and the Quaid. Hameed Nizami although is not present amongst us, yet his presence at this ceremony can be felt, he added saying: Persons like him never die. Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) Imran Khan said: Nations who forget their ideology vanish from the face of the earth. He said the successive governments since the inception of Pakistan failed to promote Pakistani nationalism through the education system, as there was three-tier education system was being practiced in the country. Imran said he was not against getting the western education but in this process Pakistani nationalism should not be forgotten. He said he himself got education from the western institutions but he always gave priority to Pakistans national language to promote a mode of communication at various forums but in most of our TV talks shows, speakers start their debate in English, however, 80 percent of our population could not understand the language. He said English Education System was creating complexes among the young generation, as they alienate themselves from other classes of the society. The PTI chief said there should be only one medium of education and syllabus in the country in which ideology should be given priority in order to prepare our young and coming generations towards facing the various challenges of other nations. He also maintained that promotion of philosophy and teachings of Allama Muhammad Iqbal could play an important role in preparing our young generations to understand the ideology of Pakistan and reasons for creation of a separate Muslim homeland in the sub-continent. Imran Khan said Iqbals philosophy and teachings should be taught at all levels of education in order to prepare our youth to face the challenges of the west and other societies on the ideological front. He further said Hameed Nizami was the best friend of his father and he often listened from him stories about the towering personalitys role in the movement of Pakistan and especially about an upright and bold journalist. He said Majid Nizami, like his brother, firmly held aloft the flag of truthful journalism and never bowed before any pressure for continuing his mission of spreading the message of two-nation theory till to date. According him, Majid Nizami is the commander-in-chief of the forces who were fighting for safeguarding the ideological boundaries of Pakistan and PTI is standing behind him in this fight. Lt Gen (r) Hameed Gul, former director general ISI, said, We should make Pakistan invincible by pursuing the path of democracy and spirit of Jihad and acquiring nuclear capability. He said the rulers divided the masses into sectarian groups time and again to achieve their personal agendas. He said a soft Islamic revolution was imminent, as change could not be brought through elections. Hameed Gul said a revolution came in Pakistan on March 15,2009 but it was stopped at Gujaranwala. He said the days of American might were about to end and our rulers should not run after the Americans. He said India wanted to establish its foothold in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the Americans, and our rulers after arresting the real rulers of Afghanistan were handing them over to Americans. He said a historical change was about to come in Afghanistan and its impacts would affect our region. Praising the role of media, he said the independent media should not forget its identity and should play a historical role to effect a big change in the country, as it had done in the campaign for restoration of independent judiciary. He said the media should play its role in rescuing our countrymen from the influence of rulers pro-American policies. He said the judiciary has played vital role after its independence on March 15, 2009 but its decisions are not being accepted. Hammed Gul said: Pakistan is a great country and Quaid-i-Azam had said that Pakistan was not our destiny, and that we should make Pakistan a laboratory for implementing the Islamic system of governance and export it to other countries of the world. He said Hameed Nizami would be remembered forever for the services he rendered in the Pakistan Movement as well as courageous policy of his newspaper, which never bowed before any pressure regarding publishing the truth. He said Hameed Nizami was a king and would be remembered as a king in the times to come. Hameed Gul further said Majid Nizami was continuing to adhere to the mission of his brother like a true soldier and at a time when Pakistans ideological boundaries were in danger due to the onslaught of Western propaganda, Majid Nizami was standing like a rock to face this onslaught and countering it through his publications like a commander-in-chief. Former chief minister and president PML-N Sindh, Syed Ghaus Ali Shah said, Quaid-i-Azam had stated that the constitution of Pakistan has been framed 1400 years ago and the same constitution would be implemented in newly created Muslim state. He said PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif was continuing the mission of Quaid-I-Azam and Nawaz Sharif was chairing the same seat that was once chaired by the Founder of Pakistan. He said General (r) Ayub Khan had introduced corruption in politics by launching Basic Democracies System. He said Nawaz Sharif had not compromised on principles and PML-N government in Punjab was ousted through governor rule but Nawaz Sharif continued his struggle for the restoration of independent judiciary till March 15, 2009. Mohtrama Fatima Jinnah had challenged the dictator in presidential elections but Ayubs corrupt system defeated the great lady. The PML-N leader said Islam was promoted in the region with the efforts of Sindhi saints, while Sindhs elected assembly was the first its accession to Pakistan. He said whenever the politicians failed to come up to the aspirations of the masses the dictators took over the power. Ghaus said one should not forget the example of former East Pakistan; what if we had handed over power to Mujib-ur-Rehman, as there were prime ministers from East Pakistan before Mujibs party secured the majority. He said it was need of the hour, We should become one nation. He said Hameed Nizami came from a small village of Sangla Hill and played such a tremendous role, setting up an example for the Muslims of this region. Foreseeing the hidden talent in Hameed Nizami, Quaid-i-Azam had made him commander of the students caravan. Hameed Nizami played an important role in acquiring a separate homeland for Muslims to implement the Islamic code of life. He said God had gifted Hameed Nizami in the person of his brother Majid Nizami, as Majid Nizami was continuing the mission of Hameed Nizami with the same spirit and fervour. PML-N leader said Hameed Nizami confronted one dictator, while Majid Nizami countered three dictators and never succumbed to any pressure for truthful journalism and safeguarding the ideological frontiers of Pakistan. PML-N Central leader Sartaj Aziz said Hameed Nizami had developed strong affiliation with Quaid-i-Azam, the founder of Pakistan, who had also acknowledged the talent of Hameed Nizami in his youth when the latter as MSF President met him. He said the Quaid had further directed him to reorganise Muslim students and streamline them during the unprecedented Pakistan movement. Hameed launched Nawa-i-Waqt in 1940 and himself distributed the newspaper to the buyers on his bicycle, he added. The government banned Nawai-e-Waqts advertisements when the paper criticized the governmental policies, he said, and added that even the first premier of the state, Nawabzada Khan Liaqat Ali Khan, imposed sanctions on Nawa-i-Waqt. Sartaj Aziz further said he gained new declaration and introduced 'Jihad when Nawa-i-Waqts publications were banned by the government owing to its vested interests. The then Governor General of Pakistan Khawaja Nazimuddin restored Nawa-i-Waqt publications when Hameed Nizami introduced himself at a high level meeting of Editors of various newspapers, saying that he was the Editor-in-Chief of 'Nawai Pakistan this week and he did not know which would be the new name of his newspaper next week. Sartaj Aziz further said the second purpose of the life of Hameed Nizami was to fight a battle for the freedom of expressions, which he won. Majid Nizami is working in the lines of Hameed besides safeguarding the ideological boundaries of Pakistan, he added. It was due to Hameed Nizami that the journalism is free in Pakistan, he added. Syed Pir Kabir Ali Shah, Sajjada Nashin of Choora Sharif, said on the occasion that he has special reverence for Majid Nizami as his brother Hameed Nizami followed and protected the Two Nation Theory of Mujaddad Alaf Sani (RA). Majid Nizami is equally opposing the corrupt rulers and the dictators on the footprints of his brother Hameed Nizami, Pir Kabir added. He said if the rulers distribute Zakat money extracted from wealth by bringing it back to Pakistan, then no one in the country would remain poor and needy within a couple of years. There was no sectarianism in Pakistan but the enemies of Pakistan have aired petty differences as sectarian feud, Pir Kabir added. He also pleaded for the enforcement of religion of Islam at once in Pakistan, as this was the only safe passage to follow for humanity at large. Appreciating the role of Majid Nizami, he said he was playing a distinct role like a torchbearer for future generations. PML-N leader Khawaja Saad Rafiq said Hameed Nizami was the real 'Shaheen of Iqbal who infused enthusiasm among the youngsters and there was no precedent to the example regarding his contribution to journalism while establishing Nawa-i-Waqt, as well as that of struggle Majid Nizami had made to promote it and to make it not only an institution but also an ideology. He said Majid Nizami always guided us and whenever we were in trouble we consulted him. Regarding Electronic Media, he said: It is not playing its proper and positive role as compared to the print media, which always played its role responsibly and positively. He said only those channels of electronic media, established under the banner of responsible and reliable institutions like Nawa-i-Waqt Group only, were playing positive role. He said other channels must follow the policy of print media. He said: Nawa-i-Waqt Group is the trendsetter in responsible journalism. He said PMAL-N is waiting for President Asif Ali Zardaris address in the National Assembly. We spared him in his previous addresses in the National Assembly following our commitment under Charter of Democracy (CoD), but this time we would not allow him to address the Assembly until a package of constitutional reforms was not announced. He warned that situation in the National Assembly could be different on the occasion of his presidential address. He demanded the government to let the Committee for Constitutional Reforms work independently. Khawaja Saad Rafiq further said: PML-N is following a set policy, which is in the interest of the nation. He said the government should also adopt such policies of national interest otherwise PML would intervene and give them tough time. He advised the politicians to show maturity for the sake of nation and country. He said PML-N would also craft a strategy after accomplishing their mission for the supremacy of the Parliament. Regarding midterm Elections, he said the midterm elections suit PML-N in the prevailing circumstances because PML- could form government in case of midterm or next general elections. He said that PML-N is the only political party, which could protect the national interests in the present situation in the country. He warned President of Pakistan to refrain from creating crisis like situation in the country because people now are losing their patience, and in such a situation the political parties having patriotic approach must be united. He further said Majid Nizami wanted to see all the groups of Muslim Leagues united again. CPNE President Khushnood Ali Khan said Majid Nizami truly followed the policies of his brother and is competently accomplishing his mission. He said mostly people are of the view that Majid Nizami is a true follower of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). He said, I am the true follower of dynamic principles of Majid Nizami and I learnt a lot from him. He maintained the politicians and Establishment who are only two and half percent of the population in the country are very powerful, and wanted to make the citizens their slaves on the pattern of Indian Brahmans. He said only those politicians have the right to contest elections who are following the principles of Quaid-i-Azam, while the others must be convicted for their misdoings because they are punishing people openly and without any restriction. He said: Pakistan is the country of Muslims and exists in the name of Islam. He said the country was not created for the politicians - whether they are Asif Ali Zardari or Nawaz Sharif - to rule the people but for the followers of Holy Prophet. He said: India is stealing water of Pakistan and constructing dams on the rivers of Pakistan while our politicians are silent on the situation. He said such dams constructed by India must be destroyed through bombing. He expressed his sorrow over targeting Dr Abdul Qadeer by the politicians despite knowing well that he is a patriotic Pakistani as compared to the politicians. Addressing the occasion, MNA Bushra Rehman said: Usually people are born to die but some are born to live forever like Quaid-i-Azam, Allama Iqbal and Hameed Nizami in the hearts of people. She considered them (Sufis) saints who lead the people in true sense, and the existence of Pakistan is due to their leadership. She paid a great tribute to the services of Hameed Nizami, saying that he was a man of strong character and quoted Hameed Nizami as saying that the pen has its own integrity and respect. She stressed that all must play their role to strengthen Pakistan as did Hameed Nizami by following our leaders. She said the economy of Pakistan must be independent, and Pakistan must be a self-sufficient country, which is possible only when we improve the tax collection system of the country.