RAWALPINDI Filthy water flowed out of the blocked sewerage lines at Transformer Chowk on Kuri Road causing a lot of inconvenience to not only the pedestrians and road users but also to the business community as water entered into their shops. The stagnant sewerage water emitted stink in the whole area and made hellish situation for the residents and shopkeepers as they are being forced to walk on roads filled with sewage and drain water and at times even fall in the open manholes because the officials of Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) of Rawal Town are not taking any steps to keep this area clean. Moreover, the Kuri Road, from Sadiqabad Chowk to Safdar Sahi Chowk, is also in a dilapidated condition while the encroachers have also occupied both sides of the road making move of pedestrians and commuters as impossible. Punjab government as well as TMA of Rawal Town has totally failed to repair the road or take action against the encroachers which multiplied the miseries of the residents and business community of the area. While talking to TheNation on Sunday, residents, business community and commuters expressed their grave resentment over the callous attitude of the authorities concerned towards the poor condition of the road. Almost all the sewer lines of the locality are blocked and manholes overflowing. The foul smell emitting from the drain water and house waste that has accumulated on the streets has made life miserable for the public, said Masood Khan, a local. He said that cases of skin disease in the area were also increasing, especially among the children, who have come in contact with the dirty water, he added. Expressing resentment against the PML-N MNA and TMA officials, Amir Javed, said that despite residents complaints to the MNA nothing had been done so far. He said that the sanitary workers of TMA were not visiting the area due to which all the nullahs and sewerage pipes had chocked and water gushed out at Kuri Road. He said that it has become even difficult for pedestrians to cross this part of the road. The businessmen of the area are also in trouble. The owner of a hotel said that the sale of his hotel has been affected because of the dirt. How can I expect anyone to eat things in this dirty condition, said the owner. Saleem Khan, a shopkeeper, said that his business is going in loss as dirty water had spurted outside his shop. He said that owing to the negligence on the part of sanitary workers of civic body the nullas and pipelines had blocked while water gushed out on the road. No one pays heed towards the lingering issue. Sewerage water entered the entire shop. Stink spread in the market, making life impossible for us, he said. He demanded of the authorities concerned to clean the road and open the blocked pipelines. Pointing towards blocked drains and dirty water inundated on the road, Javed Awan, a car driver, said that the engine of his car was not functioning as water had entered in it. He said that the sweepers of civic body had failed to maintain sanitation here. He alleged that every year TMA Rawal Town got funds from the government for renovation, but conditions had not improved. He demanded of the authorities concerned to take notice of the issue.