LAHORE - Jamatud Dawah on Sunday launched a nationwide protest drive against theft of Pakistani waters by India. Ameer Jamatud Dawah Prof Hafiz Muhammad Saeed addressed the rally. Hundreds of Jamatud Dawah workers participated in the rally with tractors from Nasir Bagh, which culminated in front of Punjab Assembly. The farmer wing of Jamatud Dawah Pakistan also held the 'Water Rally in provincial capital to protest construction of Indian dams on Pakistani rivers in Kashmir. Farmers from different parts of the country participated in the rally with hundreds of tractors and demanded that government must take practical steps to secure Pakistani water. Haifz Saeed said India by constructing illegal dams and diverting water of Pakistani rivers has imposed war on Pakistan and government should prepare the masses to counter this hostility. He said due to shortage of water Pakistan will have to face a lot of hardships in agriculture sector besides acute scarcity of potable water. He said water is a matter of life and death to Pakistan now and vowed to stage protests across the country against Indian water aggression. I am declared guilty of raising voice for the oppressed people of Kashmir but my religion allows me for that, he added. UN Security Council imposed sanctions against Jamatud Dawah but now it is silent on controversial Indian plans in Kashmir. Hafiz Saeed said Delhi wanted to disintegrate Pakistan by using water card and in such circumstances Pakistani rulers must come forward to stop Indian water aggression. On the other hand, farmers riding on tractors gathered at Nasir Bagh marched on The Mall. The participants of rally were carrying banners, placards and were raising various slogans against Indian water aggression. Jamatud Dawahs head of Political affairs Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki, convener Tehreek Hurmat-e-Rasool Moulana Ameer Hamza, Moulana Hasnain Siddiqui, Inamullah, Abdul Qadir Subhani, Abul Aziz Alvi, Asfhfaq Jutt and others, also addressed the Water Rally. Jamatud Dawah passed a declaration unanimously, which says India virtually declared war on Pakistan by unlawfully constructing dams and diverting Pakistani rivers. India used disputed occupation of Kashmir to carry out deep conspiracy of turning Pakistans agricultural lands into barren lands and economically annihilating her through building dams and water theft. So far, actions taken by the government of Pakistan in this regard are insufficient and disappointing. Free of agenda dialogue and mere meetings around Indus water commission are by no means sufficient. Some 'Practical steps have to be taken earnestly. If India is not willing to recognise Kashmir and related water issue as core dispute need to be resolved at priority, there is no use wasting time in pointless India-Pakistan dialogue. Kashmir is a disputed territory as per UN resolutions. We call upon UN and international community to take immediate notice of controversial Indian projects in a disputed territory and force India to stop this aggression that may trigger war between two nuclear-armed neighbours. If India continues with its water terrorism, Pakistan must keep open the option of using force. On the top of water aggression, India has deployed military consulates and RAW camps along Pak-Afghan border to train, finance and equip terrorists who carry out attacks in Pakistan. India pioneered cross border terrorism in South Asia by doing the same in East Pakistan not too long ago. We call upon UN to impose sanctions on RAW and close disruptive Indian consulates to ensure regional peace. We also call upon our government to build unity among various religious, political and civil society groups so that we stand solid behind Pakistan army as India is, in fact, preparing to impose war on Pakistan. He said, we call upon our government to put an end to so called war on terror which is in fact not our war. We stand united to defend and protect our rivers, land and dignity.