ISLAMABAD (NNI/APP) - Political and tribal leaders have condemned the screening attempt of Pakistani lawmakers in the US and praised the MPs for refusing to screening and cancelling their visit. On the other hand, Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit on Sunday said the US Administration had assured Pakistan that they would review the practice of screening the Pakistani citizens at their airports. In a brief telephonic interview to a private TV channel, he said soon after the step was taken, Pakistan had lodged a strong protest with the US. During the visit of US dignitaries to Pakistan, he said, the political leadership had also asked for reviewing the practice but the no response had yet been given. Pakistan will review the situation and will announce a strategy in line with our interests, he added. A group of Pakistani lawmakers on Saturday had abruptly ended their visit to the United States to protest over body screening at Dulles International Airport in Washington, head of the group said. The six-member delegation from tribal region, was visiting the United States at the invitation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator Abbas Khan Afridi said. The US introduced for full-body imaging after a Nigerian man was charged with trying to blow up a US-bound airliner on Christmas Day using explosives smuggled onboard in his underwear. Pakistan is the 14 countries whose nationals will undergo body screening on arrival in the US. Afridi told US-based Pakistani reporters that they refused to go through a body-scan, as they considered it an insult to the parliamentarians of a sovereign country. He said they were informed before their arrival in the US that they would not face any discrimination during their stay. The delegation had reached the US on February 28 for a 15-day visit and visited some places. The incident occurred as they anted to proceed to another city. Another member of the delegation Akhunzada Chitan said the MPs would convey their remonstration to President Asif Ali Zardari, with a request to lodge protest with the US over what he called 'insult to Pakistani lawmakers. He said he would also raise the issue in the parliament and also ask other parliamentarians colleagues not to travel to the US unless the screening of Pakistanis was stopped. A US diplomat from the American embassy in Islamabad, who was at the airport when the incident happened, said the MPs were only asked for routine body search and not the body screening, which was a normal procedure across the world. Expressing his anger, leader of Fata parliamentarians in the National Assembly Munir Orakzai said legislators should not visit the US unless the discriminatory regulation was lifted. It is strange that the US is subjecting allies to body screening, Orakzai said, adding that the law was Muslims-specific. He also urged the govt to adopt aggressive position on the issue. Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao, chief of his own faction of the PPP also condemned treatment with the MPs and termed body screening as unjustified. He said the parliament and provincial assemblies should debate and come with a joint stand against the policy.