Since General Zia ul-Haqs time, bank loans worth hundreds of billions have been written off. Those who benefited from these free write-offs were the filthy rich and highly corrupt waderas and politicians and the sycophants of rulers. When the judiciary finally became free recently, we were hoping that immediate steps would be taken to recover these loans. Unfortunately, that dream has not come true. What has been surfacing from time to time about these loans is that even the senior bankers are involved in their dole out. In fact, some of them took a lions share out of the loans they were instrumental in getting approved. Recovery of these loans is an easy job since the lists of beneficiaries are there with the banks. This is unlike unearthing the corruption of a person which takes a long time. I request the Chief Justice to take a quick action in this regard. The nation is anxiously waiting for the corrupt being brought to books. -QURBAN KHAN GISHKORI, Wazirabad, March 6.