ISLAMABAD The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has initiated an inquiry into alleged corruption and irregularities in a worth Rs 500 million Trunk Sewer Project that included laying of sewer from Sector G-10 to Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in I-9. In a letter written to the Capital Development Authority (CDA), a copy of which is available to TheNation, the FIA crime branch has sought complete record since the day this project was conceived in order to reach a logical conclusion. The list of documents, which the FIA authorities have demanded from the CDA, include tender documents, advertisements, comparative statement, contract agreement, bills of work approved/done, payments made to the contractor and completion report of the project. The project, worth Rs 500 million, of lying huge pipelines from G-10/11 to the STP in I-9 for the purpose to transport sewage was approved in year 2004 and the work on it was commenced from 2007, which was completed in two years, 2009. An official said massive irregularities were committed in purchase of pipes, as the size and quality of the pipes were not according to the suggested one beside the fact that instead of taking care of agencys interests in the contracts, favourable terms and conditions were granted to the contractors who utilised them to maximise their profits. However, later after completion of the project in 2009 the sewer lanes got leaked, as the officials concerned who were responsible for the initiation and completion of the project have utilised substandard and locally manufactured pipes, sources said. Claims and counter claims are still in process beside the fact that the project was completed in 2009, sources added. CDA officials who had allegedly been identified by a senior official for not carrying out this project to the benefit of the CDA were, Sanaullah Baloch Deputy Director Zona-A, and three then directors of the projects including Abdul Jabbar Melano (current Member Engineering), Saeed Ullah Bangush (current DG-Design) and Saleh Muhammad (current Deputy DG Works). Though FIA had written letter in this regard and sought complete report of it on Feb 13 and had asked the authorities concerned to submit report within 7 days but sources in CDA said that the concerned quarters so far did not succeed to produce it. Its worth mention here that the project was completed in year 2009 but the sewer lanes got leaked within a year and in proposed Rs 10 billion project of rehabilitation/up gradating of federal capitals water supply and wastewater network project, the replacement of these lanes are also included, sources added. For the perfect working STP transportation of 17 million gallon of sewerage water is required in it but currently owing to the broken and leaked sewer lanes only 5 million gallon is getting into it.