Last evening, I saw a programme on TV where they were showing the coming generation of Iraqi children that are born with harrowing deformities of limbs. These children would be cripples for life. The sight of them is enough to rip out the heart from a human if there is some humanity in it. Seeing all of this that has been caused by the American savagery, one is filled with a deep sense of disgust and hatred for the entire American nation. These disabled, deformed clumps of 'humanity are the result of radiation from the so-captioned 'low-yield or 'depleted-Uranium ammunition the Americans used in Iraq. Again I use the word 'again advisedly here because the Americans, you might recall, had also used nuclear weapons on a civilian population beforein Japan. And there too, even after 55 years, the Japanese are still suffering with traces of radiations received as a result of American nuclear bombings. I would not go into the pack of lies told by George Bush and his coterie to the American people and the world at large before attacking Iraq. It was a massacre for the sake of oil, we all know. Iraq has been destroyed in every respect. Its future generations would keep paying the price of American gangsterism in times to come. In my view, every American is involved in this heinous crime against humanity because there were those who supported Bush and there were the rest who did not oppose him. He committed this supreme crime against humanity and they kept silent while it was being perpetrated in their name. -AYAZ AHMAD, Rawalpindi, March 5.