LAHORE - The women-related legislation gets passed unanimously, which is a welcome step. Yet there is nothing to stop the abuse of women in Pakistan. There are least women in the public sphere, particularly the young ones because the male-dominated society shuts them indoors.

These views were expressed by speakers at a seminar on the topic of “Playing like a Team – Strategies for Young leadership”. It was organised in connection with the International Women’s Day, under the auspices of the Women in Struggle for Empowerment at Lahore Press Club on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion, Bushra Khaliq said mere legislation to protect women rights was not enough. She said the government must ensure effective implementation of these pro-women laws as well. She said women and particularly the young girls possess great potential which needs to be explored. She said various factors were at work in limiting women’s potential to aspire to positions of leadership.

Tanveer Jehan said the concept of leadership had always carried the notion of masculinity and the belief that men make better leaders than women was still common today. Mumtaz Mughal said stereotype social behaviors were prevalent in our public life that is very hard to overcome.

Young women might not only lack support of their families for their participation in active social life or politics, but also face criticism and serious repercussions from society in general, she added

Aima Mehmood, Shaheena Kausar, Nida Kirmani, Naumana Suleman and others addressed the seminar. On this occasion a group of young girls presented songs, specially prepared for the women day. The seminar was followed by rally, participated by a large number of women and girls.