LAHORE - Punjab University Vice Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran has said that the adoption of usury system by Muslim and Christian is a great mistake while interest is banned in both the religions.

He was addressing a seminar organized by Gujranwala Bar Association at District Courts. Dr Ehsan Malik, District and Session Judge Muhammad Rashid Qamar, President GBA Gul Nawaz Goraiya, Secretary Khuram Shaukat, judges and members of bar also attended the event.

The VC said that the cabal of rich families wanted to establish one world government and for the purpose they introduced the system of usury, divided mankind and imposed wars.

The abolishment of usury was equal to the abolishment of their power, he added. He said that the cabal owned all the top banks and corporations and the secret of their success was in anonymity, secrecy and assassinations.

The VC said that these people understood that it was a must to rule Eurasia to rule the world. He said that they had been preparing to attack Iran since 2005 and according to Wikileaks, the US lied regarding Iraq and Iran.