SIALKOT - The court martial proceedings against Brig Ali Khan were stopped temporarily and a doctor was called as his health deteriorated during the trail on Wednesday.

Brig Khan and four other officers were detained in May for suspected links to Hizbut Tahrir. He was working at the army’s headquarters in Rawalpindi at the time of his arrest.

Col (r) Inamur Raheem, the counsel for Khan, expressed his concerns over his client’s health, alleging that the Army had not followed the orders of the LHC Rawalpindi bench, which had directed the army to provide Khan a physician of his choice.

Mehr Khan, father of Khan, had written a letter last month to the government, appealing for an inquiry into his son’s arrest and direct the authorities concerned to release him.

The letter, written on Feb 11 to Defence Secretary Nargis Sethi, expressed concerns for Khan’s life. The letter indicated that he suffered a heart attack and alleged that he was not given proper medical treatment.