Multan - The Pakistan Engineers Forum (PEF) President claimed on Wednesday that the country’s all gas requirements could be fulfilled through Qadirpur Gas Field while Kalabagh Dam will get the country rid of power crisis.

Talking to The Nation, he added that ineligible and corrupt rulers were responsible for prevailing power and financial crises.

He said that the rulers were busy in accomplishing the agenda given to them by their foreign masters. He regretted that people were forced to commit suicides because of poverty, unemployment and price hike.

He pointed out that the country was under $ 60 billion debt while the value of raw cache of diamond in Balochistan was over $ 69 billion. He added that the Thar coal reservoirs could fulfil all national needs for next 500 years. “Renowned scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand is working on this project but government does not release funds because of foreign pressure,” he alleged.

Referring to Balochistan, he said that foreign hands were involved in target killings and unrest in the province as the US eyed rich natural resources of Balochistan.

“According to a rough estimate, the value of these natural resources is beyond $ 13 trillion and the mouths of all foreign powers fill with water when they think about Balochistan,” he added.

He suggested to the government to properly utilize the skills of engineers and evolve a long-term policy to fully exploit rich natural resources as well as to steer the country out of energy crisis.

He warned that the shortage of electricity would rise to 13000 megawatt till 2020 if the government failed to launch power generation projects. He asked the government to immediately launch Qadirpur Gas and Thar Coal Projects as well as restore nine power plants in Multan, Sakhar and Lakhra that were currently in non-functional status.

He revealed that an American NGO Carnegie Foundation was working in Balochistan since 2004 and it distributed massive funds among influential people in the province.

He said that the recent resolution in American House of Representatives was also party of the same conspiracy the NGO was already working. He asked the government to recognize the vicious designs of anti-Pakistan powers and expel them from Balochistan.

He said that Pakistani engineers were fully capable of exploiting natural resources, asking the government to trust local engineers instead of looking towards foreign companies. “Balochistan is like a golden sparrow for USA. It’s not only gateway to Central Asia but also possesses the best port of the world Gawadar.”