RENALA KHURD - Change is not far away and the days of corrupt politicians are over, Sange Qaumi Soch (SQS) Founder Rao Wajad Ali said here the other day.

Addressing a public gathering at village 12/1AL, he said the poor is getting poorer under the oppression of those who were holding the reigns of the country for ages, adding that the circumstances were going to change for the better soon.

“The country is rife with corruption, which the SQS will eradicate in record time,” he said, adding our farmers toil year long, but their labour never bear fruit which they must have, the feudal lords always take what is rightfully their,” he said. He vowed to empower farmers with low cost fertilizers, electricity and quality seeds.

Rao further said the poor were languishing in jails in theft cases while those who had looted the national economy were being protected. He said that there was no rule of law in the country and citizens’ life and property were at the mercy of robbers and plunderers. Almost all political leaders show their interest in common men’s problem just before 3-4 months before election and after winning the seats they completely forget the masses. He said that people should avoid those persons who changed parties.

On the occasion, Dr Azhar Mehmood, Ch Rao Abid Javeed Khan and Ch Karamat Ali also addressed the gathering.