Democracy is supposed to be a form of government, where through a system of checks and balances, along with accountability by an independent accountability, those who are elected to rule, cater for welfare of the ruled and have an opportunity to earn a place both in history and hearts and minds of the people. It is certainly not a system which should tolerate plunder of Rs 8.5 trillion or $ 89 billion in just four years of term of office, where all economic indicators are in the negative, poverty on rise, massive unemployment and absolutely no semblance of law and order. For an elected government to claim right for undisturbed completion of their tenure is not justified, if they continue to abuse their powers and make no efforts to prosecute those responsible for plundering this state.

We have seen how a small section of elite with complicity of few in establishment and media were involved in making billions in Stock Exchange through insider trading information during Shaukat Aziz government. It was during tenure of Musharraf junta that large scale flight of capital was patronized by those within the government. Not only the same team is in place, but failed policies have been followed by those who were elected on promises to bring about a change. Had the elected government not been seen patronising criminals and appointed highly qualified citizens on merit to head state corporations that have gone bust, they could have got away with benefit of doubt. They appointed men who held dual nationalities with a criminal record and in most cases they had no specialized professional qualifications, or experience to qualify for even subordinate assignment on merits. Unfortunately this country has been a victim of daylight robberies with state prosecution and investigation agencies acting as abettors of such crimes, instead of as guardians of rule of law. Can somebody explain if Minister for Petroleum was so naive not to know that he had no business to announce rise in petroleum products almost five days before OGRA had issued any notification with approval of competent authority, than such a man has no right to hold such an office as others responsible for collapse of power generation, air, rail or road transportation, financial institutions and formation of cartels to the detriment of masses.


Lahore, March 5.