LAHORE - In a startling survey of 100 fastest growing entrepreneurial, non-listed Pakistani companies, 82 percent of these private companies plan to start other businesses and will set up 140 new companies in next two years.

With an accumulative $1.42 billion sales revenue in 2010 and an average annual growth rate of 55 percent, 41 percent of the fastest growing Pakistani private companies termed political instability biggest constraint to growth, 38 percent termed Government regulations and red tape, 32 percent termed unavailability of quality human resource, 31 percent termed finding qualified managers, 21 percent termed shortage/cost of long-term finance, 19 percent termed lack of government support for smaller companies and 18 percent termed shortage or cost of working capital the constraints for growth in the country.

These survey findings were released by AllWorld Network that carried out this survey in partnership with Pakistani Equity Management Company, Cyan Ltd, with 100 fastest growing entrepreneurial, non-listed Pakistani companies.

Out of these 100 surveyed companies, 41 belong to Lahore, Karachi 33, Islamabad 12 while rest of the companies were from Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Sialkot, Sargodha, Kamonke and Multan. Out of these 100 companies, 77 percent said they would be looking for financial capital to expand their businesses whereas 23 percent said they are not in need of any capital from outside source.

When asked how these companies compare their current profitability to what it was 12 months ago, an astounding 40 percent of the companies termed it significantly higher, 19 percent termed it about the same 19 percent, 36 percent said higher and only 4 percent companies termed it lower.