PESHAWAR (PR) - Mobilink Jazba sponsored a special event at the International Islamic University Islamabad School, Khyber Campus, where Ahmed Hussain claimed a new world record for the most rapid martial art kicks in one minute; completing 307 kicks within 60 seconds.

Jazba has announced prize money of Rs 50,000 for Ahmed Hussain on achieving this prestigious world martial arts kicks record and promoting a positive image for Pakistan.

Director Marketing Mobilink (Jazba) Sadia Khurram lauded Ahmed’s performance and said: “It is indeed a moment of pride for the whole nation that a young Pakistani has created a new martial arts kicks world record. Jazba remains committed to provide the youth of Pakistan with the opportunity to explore and promote their remarkable talents on a global platform. I congratulate Pakistan’s very own ‘Karate Kid’ on this very special achievement.”