Surprisingly the horrendous killings of Kohistan has not evoked the kind of condemnation it warranted from the rulers or the religious parties nor did it find the type of coverage it deserved either in the electronic or the print media.  That shows the state of mind of the rulers, the media and probably the people as well who have started taking such killings as a usual routine matter. Not a day passes when there is not a bomb blast or suicidal attack in Pakistan killing the innocents by the dozens and maiming others by the scores. If at all, a perfunctory run of the mill type of statement by the Interior Minister saying. “We shall not be demoralised by the terrorists and  shall fight them to the last man --- blah  blah” is issued which is taken more of a joke than something seriously. Such hollow threats have no effect on the terrorists for they know that not a single terrorist has been hanged till date. Look at Qadri who killed the Governor of the ruling party in the broad daylight and was garlanded of all the people by the lawyers themselves for his such dastardly act! Incidentally, why is he not being hanged even after a year of the court having pronounced death sentence for him? Does it not speak volumes about the inability of the government in maintaining law and order in the country and ensuring the safety of the life and property of its people?


Rawalpindi, February 29.