LAHORE – Pakistani artist Humaira Abid received Community Choice Award and USD 1500 on her sculpture series “Breakdown in the Closest”. The award winner was selected by an international jury and then voted on by visitors from around the globe.

Pakistani- American sculptor Humaira Abid, had participated in the competition on the theme “Motherhood” by International Museum of woman for the exhibition “MANIA”. The event witnessed nearly 600 submissions from around the world.

Humaira in her work “Breakdown in the Closet” depicts the pain and disappointment that come along with miscarriage a frequently unspoken part of women’s experiences of pregnancy and motherhood.

In a statement, Humaira said that she had created a family’s wardrobe, carved out of woo, where the baby’s shirt had fallen down and was stained in red to represent miscarriage and loss. “My work is my reality, and always has been. Recent themes in my work have come from my maternal experiences. I have had miscarriages, and I know very well how tough it is, both physically and emotionally” said Humaira. She added that “I am from a country and society where the experiences and roles of women are not properly appreciated. They are simply considered to be their duty or a part of life. I am trying to raise these issues through my work, which counters the stereotypical image of women in a male dominated society.” Art critics say that Humaira Abid has the ability to pick ordinary images from everyday life and make them into extraordinary works of art with her cotemporary presentation, skill and detailing .

Humaira is one of a small number of female Pakistani sculptors to rise to the top of her field in the country as well as internationally. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally at prestigious galleries and museums throughout the world and published in books, catalogues and newspapers.  She is currently working as a visiting Assistant Professor at NCA and Beacon House National University.