LAHORE – PML-N leadership has politely said ‘no’ to Likeminded’s proposal of 13 per cent seat adjustment formula for the next general elections, which could get 30 seats for the PML-Q deserters in the Parliament, besides taking onboard the ‘political liabilities’ of the group in an arrangement expected to reach between the two top leaders of the Nawaz League and Likeminded in the next few days, TheNation has learnt.

Sources in the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, close to the developments regarding reaching a formula, told this correspondent on Tuesday that party’s high command would make political arrangements with the Likeminded potential candidates like Saleem Saifullah Khan, Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim, Hamid Nasir Chattha and Gohar Ayub Khan. However, it would consider the case of Humayun Akhtar Khan after seeking opinion of Faisalabad leadership from where Humayun is planning to contest next election.

They quoted senior party leaders as asking how could they take on board the liabilities of the Likeminded especially in Punjab; however, a reasonable and sane formula for an electoral alliance with the PML-Q rebels would definitely be finalised. They added it would be highly unreasonable that the Likeminded members would ask for more adjustments in Punjab, especially in the central and northern parts of the province, which were the party’s stronghold.

Kashmala Tariq, central spokesperson of the Likeminded, when contacted confirmed that a reasonable bargain could be made with the PML-N by stepping back from their earlier proposal of 13 per cent. She said the Likeminded leaders would cut their percentage during final round with PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif in next few days.

PML-N sources, quoting close circles of party’s high command, said it seemed difficult that party’s policymakers could consider withdrawing its candidate from the constituency of Humayun Akhtar’s choice. They added the same formula could be followed in Hamid Nasir Chattha’s case; however, the party could make changes for Chattha in the final round. They quoted the same circles as saying that comfortable adjustments could be made in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh with Saleem Saifullah, Gohar Ayub Khan and Arbab Ghulam Rahim.

They, informing about the possibilities of arrangements on reserved seats for women, told this scribe that the Likeminded could get women reserved seats according to their position in the Parliament in the next polls. The case of Gohar Ayub can be very important for the PML-N, as he could be the candidate from NA-19, Haripur, while the PML-N has lost most of its support in the area due to its backing to renaming NWFP as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Likeminded members desired seat adjustments in Punjab from NA-101 Gujranwala, Hamid Nasir Chattha and Humayun Akhtar Khan from NA-79 Samundri, Faisalabad.

According to the PML-Q dissidents’ formula, percentage in the provinces for National Assembly includes 13 seats from Punjab, six from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 10 from Sindh and one from Balochistan.

It may be noted here that Likeminded team, led by Saleem Saifullah, had met with the  Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leadership under the command of Shahbaz Sharif on March 5 to reach a middle way regarding the seat adjustments or the electoral alliance.

Both sides said they reached an understanding for the seat adjustments; however, final decision and inking an agreement in this regard would be taken after a meeting between the two top leaders, Nawaz Sharif and Hamid Nasir Chattha, which is expected in the next few days.