It is good to know that Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has assured that his government is fully prepared to face an outbreak of dengue virus this season. That all the provincial government departments have been ordered to act in concert to fight the virus is even more welcome. The recruitment of 47 entomologists would definitely help a lot in keeping the scourge at bay. Also, storing enough stock of anti-dengue medicine along with separate wards in the public hospital should be done as a precaution. These measures are necessary, especially given the warning by an expert that this year the disease would hit even harder than last year. And indeed a greater effort will be specifically required to eliminate random pools of water in the cities and other breeding grounds of the mosquito through regular fumigation. Likewise, a general awareness campaign is also needed especially since the best cure against the virus is prevention. Meanwhile, all eyes are on the provincial government to live up to its expectations and get rid of the deadly virus once and for all.