KARACHI - Qatar Telecom (Qtel) Group recently announced annual performance results for the year 2011, ending 31 December, showing significant growth with revenue up 16pc and net profit up by 11.6pc over the corresponding period last year, says a Press release.

Serving over 83 million customers worldwide, the Qtel Group owns and operates global operations ranging from mobile telephone services, broadband solutions, digital futures and fibre technologies, serving both consumer and business markets across 17 different countries in the MENA and South Asian regions. Through its core business as Qatar’s leading GSM/3G service provider, along with its global subsidiary network, Qtel aims to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction in all its operations.

Qtel Group also possesses significant business interests in Pakistan through, wi-tribe, the largest fixed wireless broadband operation for the Qtel Group. With just over 2 years of commercial presence in Pakistan, wi-tribe has become the fastest growing internet service with 120% subscriber growth in 2011, while holding the number one rating for customer satisfaction, through an independent research conducted by AC Nielson at the end of 2011.