I think those institutions which serve ideological purposes of the state must be financially supported. The state media are such institutions which guard ideological boundaries of the state. An argument can be put forward that the days of radio have passed in presence of other sources of information like TV channels and internet. The answer is in the negative. There are more advanced countries than us in information technology but still they have Radio. For instance the US President still addresses to the nation on Radio.

China is opening up itself, not through TV but more through Radio. In all these scenarios we must not and cannot ignore the importance of Radio Pakistan as a state institution. Hence, the step of the government to revive and support such a vital state institution through a meager tax is in consonance with its commitment to safeguard our national identity. But as a national of this country, I need to be assured that the money collected from such a tax is rightly utilized. I hope all the people of the country will happily pool their resources and energies for the recovery of an ailing national institution, The Radio Pakistan. We are a living nation.

Dr S. Hassan,

Lahore, March 7.