LAHORE - Summer festivity starts on a ‘feel good’ note with an exciting new campaign from Pakistan’s leading footwear brand Servis unfolding in March, says a Press release.

The campaign encapsulates the warmth and softness of summer moments. The campaign showcases a wide range of shoes that will cater to the changing needs of the customers along with the weather. “Servis wanted to stand united with its customers this summer. The ‘Summer in full SWING’ campaign is our way of saying that we are with our customers in their moments of summer joy. No one has done a summer launch like this in footwear before. We are expecting our customers will like our efforts” remarked Naim-ul-Abd, GM Marketing Servis Sales Corporation.

Senior Manager Communications, Mian Shahzad Khalid said, “There is a lot of loudness out there in summer with the sun blazing down with all its glorious might.  We kept the campaign soft so that it has a cooling effect on our customers.”

“Bringing our campaign to life at stores was one of the biggest challenges and we hope that our customers will feel a huge difference when they will walk into our stores this summer” said Hassan Khalid, Manager Corporate Communications.