A young Sindhi nationalist and writer Mir Alam Marri has allegedly been picked up by the intelligence agencies, reported the BBC on Wednesday. According to the Jiaye Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM), Marri was arrested on Tuesday evening from a restaurant near the Bhittai Nagar area.

JSQM Chairman Abdul Wahid Arisar says the law enforcers, who reached the spot in a police mobile and black colour car, bundled up Marri and later shifted to some undisclosed location.

On the other hand, the area police said they had no knowledge about the incident.

Marri, the senior vice-president of JSQM, wrote several books on politics in Sindh and is a regular contributor to newspapers. He expressed solidarity with the nationalist movement in Balochistan in his recent writings. Arisar accused the agencies of damaging the honour of Pakistan, saying those who dared to express their views were labelled as traitors.

He questioned why the chief justice was not taking notice of the Sindhi missing persons.

Arisar is believed to be enjoying close contacts with MQM chief Altaf Hussain, for which he faces severe criticism by the Sindhi nationalists. He asked Altaf to raise the issue of Marri, saying they had always supported the MQM.