The results of current by election are a conclusive proof that the masses are fully satisfied with the performance of government in the centre and in all the provinces. In the last four years both the major political parties have delivered magnificently and deserved victory in by elections. Their men and women danced hilariously on tunes of the drums to show their support to their selfless leaders. The efforts of these selfless leaders have resulted in peace and calm in the country. The sovereignty of the country is so fully intact that none can reward our traitors for an act detrimental to national interest.

The deliberate use of firearms by winners was not a show of force or contrary to restriction imposed by government. It was done to deter those who do not believe in the form of democracy the winners envisage and believe in. It was a lesson for those who like to maintain law and order in society, abhor hereditary, undemocratic, one man show in political parties and Waheeda Shah type vedara mentality. For them the rule of law is mandatory for positive development and discipline in all walks of life necessary for unifying the nation to become a productive force.

The election of Senate was yet another eye opener. The grants were dished out to buy votes shamelessly .All those who posses wealth in abundance thrived further. t appears that we have failed to notice that past earthquake and the floods were warnings to us. In the light of few misdeeds highlighted above if we do not want to improve ourselves then are we waiting for still severe punishment? When the long arm of nature strikes, it dose not make a sound.


Lahore, March 7.