KARACHI – Losing confidence in government’s tall claims, the Abbas Town bomb blasts victims have urged upon business tycoon Malik Riaz to support the rehabilitation work.

The victims told The Nation that they have lost not only their beloved relatives but also their homes but the government’s attitude towards their problems is quite lethargic.

“In this situation, Malik Riaz can support the rehabilitation work at the bomb blast site. The cost of rehabilitation and repairing of the affected portions of two apartments, including Iqra City and Rabia Flower, is not a big deal for the big giant of the real estate,” said Yousuf, one of the bomb blast victims.

Yousuf, a resident of Iqra City, has lost his 13-year-old son, Baqi Hussain, in the incident. His flat was completely destroyed by the blast. He said dozens of people had lost their business and lives too as the blast mostly hit dozens of shops situated in Iqra City and Rabia Flower apartments as well.  

He said the whole country knows Mr Riaz that he was the man behind Bahria Town, one of the largest private development projects to have materialised in Southeast Asia. Contrary to that, the government and its present and former associate political parties has totally lost its credibility.   

“We are homeless, we have no alternate. Who will solve our problems,” questioned Zulfiqar, one of the bomb-blast affected people, who lost his eight-year-old son, Zain Ali. He was the resident of Iqra City’s most affected portion. 

He said, “The tall claims of the government about financial assistance to the victims and rehabilitation of the damaged buildings had been exposed. However, in this worst situation we must urge the philanthropists to come forward for the assistance of the homeless people.”  

Ziaudin, who lost his mother in the incident, supported the demand of Yousuf that Malik Riaz should come forward to finance the rehabilitation and repairing work of the bomb blast site. He said that victims were not positive towards the assistance and support of the government.   

Ali Najfi, a resident of Iqra City and one of the rescue workers, said that hundreds of people were now on the streets but the government machinery was not active so far to help the victims. He said dozens of traders had unable to do their businesses as their shops have completely been destroyed in the incident while some of traders have also lost their lives.        

MWM GIVES 48-HOUR DEADLINE FOR REHABILITATION: On the other hand, Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari, secretary general of the Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen has demanded the government to begin the rehabilitation work of the affectees of Abbas Town Tragedy within 48 hours.

“Reconstruction and repairing of the damaged flats of the victims of Abbas Town tragedy must be started within next 48 hours,” he demanded while addressing a press conference at Imam Bargah Ali Raza on Thursday.

He also demanded that the compensatory amounts should be given to the heirs and relatives of the martyrs and to the injured victims at the earliest. He pressed the government to provide required treatment to the injured at the government expenses till their recuperation.

“We reiterate our legitimate demand that a countrywide targeted operation be launched to eliminate the terrorists,” he urged.

He asked the Chief of Army Staff to clarify his position on the question of Army operation against the terrorists. He said that Army chief must grant permission for Army operation to liquidate the notorious terrorists responsible for genocide of innocent Shia Muslims.

Allama Jafferi appealed to the Pakistani nation to observe Friday as a protest day against terrorists and a day of loyalty to the martyrs and injured of Abbas Town tragedy and to our great motherland Pakistan.

“Alongside a condolence meeting, earthen lamps will be lit at the site of Abbas Town tragedy. Peace walks and protest will be staged in all over Pakistan,” he announced.

He urged all Pakistanis to join Shia Muslims in peace walks, protest, condolence meetings and lighting of earth lamps on the site of Abbas Town Tragedy.

He lashed out at the political parties for trying to use Abbas Town tragedy for their political mileage. He said that they used media coverage to hoodwink people by exaggerating their role for relief of the victims. He categorically said that Shia religious parties including his MWM were leading the relief activities and.  “We don’t need crocodile’s tears of demagogues. They all including the government have failed to thwart terrorism. Our allied Sunni leaders have expressed solidarity with us and we together will expose allies of terrorists in the political parties,” he vowed.

He made clear that Sunni brothers too fell victims to terrorism in Abbas Town Tragedy. He expressed condolence for Sunni martyrs with the heirs, relatives and Sunni religious scholars.

“Pakistani nation should beware of these demagogues who are now awakened because elections approach fast. They take pain for terrorism victims in a bid to muster support for elections,” he said.

He condemned the alliance with terrorists of a political party in Punjab province and urged the Pakistan’s polity to reject the alliance and adjustments with the sectarian terrorists. Allama Nasir Abbas Jafri appreciated the role of print and electronic media saying that they too sacrificed their lives alongside Shia Muslims.