QUETTA – Dozens of private educational institutions of Quetta have rejected the British Council decision to conduct the O-Level exams in Karachi, saying that this decision was taken without taking them into confidence which is unacceptable to both the parents and teachers.

The representatives of the private schools, including Ghazi, Sonia Babar, Umera Kehkashan Baqiri and Rana Rashid briefing the media persons said that law and order situation was comparatively worse in Karachi and added that such a decision aimed at closing the doors of education for the students of Balochistan would bear negative repercussions.

They said the O-Level exams are scheduled in May and more than 300 students have been registered for the exam, but they had received a letter from the British Council which excuses from sending its representative to Quetta, making law and order situation a plea and have provided three option which included Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.  They said they have also offered to conduct the exams in Staff College but they are not willing. “The British Council is reluctant to take responsibility of the students during tranquil days then how we can take the risk of sending children and parents to other cities like Karachi,” they added.

They said that the parents and the teachers cannot afford extra expanses of living in another city as the exams continue for a complete month.

They appealed to the Chief Justice Pakistan to take notice of the decision and termed it a part of international conspiracy to close the doors of standard education to the youngsters of Balochistan.

They also appealed to the British high authorities and the High Commissioner to review the decision in order to protect the future of the children of this backward province. They also regretted that such a decision was taken after collecting examination fees from the children which amounts around Rs62,000.